Operators accompany the creation of silicon wafers in all the steps they go through on their way to becoming microchips. They are part of the core team that processes the wafers and ensures the high quality of the products. Under clean room conditions, they are responsible for operating complex equipment and performing regular measurement and control tasks.

"It takes unique people to make unique microchips."

Simone, Operator, X-FAB Dresden

A few years ago Simone decided to venture into a complete career change and became part of our manufacturing team at X-FAB Dresden in Germany. As an operator she works in the cleanroom and is playing a crucial role in manufacturing the microchips on silicon wafers that we deliver to our customers.

It is Simone’s job to ensure the different steps required to manufacture semiconductors are carried out in the right order, for example cleansing, etching or coating the silicon wafers. All of these tasks are done with special high-tech equipment that needs to be loaded an operated 24/7. Working in shifts is not an issue for Simone. „I am a nocturnal person and I like working in shifts“, she says.

Up until three years ago, Simone worked as a hairdresser and decided to dare a professional restart. „After 21 years of working as a hair stylist I wanted to try something completely different and start afresh“, she explains. “It was important to me to work with my hands and actually manufacture something. Today, I am proud to be contributing to technical innovation with what I do at X-FAB“, Simone describes. 

In her role as operator, she works independently at her tasks but regularly needs to align with her colleagues. How well she has settled into her new role, Simone describes as follows: „At X-FAB, I have found my professional home/destiny and can imagine to work here up until my retirement.“

I am a nocturnal person and I like working in shifts.

Simone took the chance for a complete career change and joined our operations team a few years ago. As operator she works in the cleanroom manufacturing our specialty semiconductor wafers.


When are you satified at the end of a working day?

At the end of the day, I am satisfied if I have felt one single moment of happiness. These are usually the small things in life: like a smile, a word of appreciation, a found euro piece. 


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Operators at X-FAB

As an operator you are interested in operation teamwork in your production site and you are open to work in continuous shifts. You work in modern production facilities under clean room conditions.

Furthermore you are responsible for the processing of silicon wafers in accordance with our high quality standards and defined deadlines. Your job will focus on operating complex equipment and performing measurement and control tasks in shift operations.

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