Itzehoe, Germany

Itzehoe is situated in the south-west of Schleswig Holstein, about 60km north-west of Hamburg. This town is located between North- and Baltic Sea and is surrounded by nice forests and agricultural land.

X-FAB Itzehoe at a glance

X-FAB's smallest production site is also its most specialized, dedicated to MEMS processes and novel technology development in the field of microoptics, piezoelectric MEMS actuators and wafer level packaging.

The town of Itzehoe is located approximately 60 km north-west of Hamburg in Germany’s most northern state of Schleswig Holstein. With currently about 120 employees, X-FAB Itzehoe is the smallest of our production facilities and one that is exclusively focused on developing and manufacturing micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and specialty processes. It has a strong R&D team that works together with our customers to develop solutions for sensors (acceleration, angular rate, mass flow), micro-mirror scanners, micro-optical or piezoelectric MEMS actuators to name just a few.

Founded in 2009 as a spin-off from the local Fraunhofer institute called MEMS Foundry Itzehoe, the site became part of the X-FAB group in 2012. The team has grown ever since and currently comprises of colleagues from the following functions: finance & controlling, human resources (HR), information technology (IT), operations, quality, research and development (R&D), supply chain/logistics, technology.

120 Employees
2012 Part of X-FAB group since
5 Jobs in Itzehoe, Germany

Local Benefits & Perks

Interested in what benefits and perks are offered as part of the X-FABulous package? We are confident that we have something in store that makes the difference for you. Find out and explore the local benefits we offer our employees at X-FAB Itzehoe. 

International secondment program

You are a specialist in lithography and would like to support another site with your experience or you would like to grow in methodology at another site? These are only few examples where we support internal mobility.

Health and prevention programs

Health days, vaccination appointments, ergonomic advice or our popular company fitness network are only a few examples of what we offer our employees. 

Career development and training

To enhance your professional or soft skills with training like a cross-site language training, technical exchange or development plans can be initiated in your biannual performance talk with your manager.

Work-life balance

With your time accrual you can manage your working time flexible, so that you can distribute your working time that it is mutual beneficial. Every project has high peak season, so take time off in times more quiet.

Bonus schemes

We promote identification with our team as well as the company and reward good team, site or individual results with different bonus payments.

Pension provisions

To prevent for your future is really important to take care of this early in your professional life, our pension partner is happy to consult you with this.

Free fruits and drinks

We provide fruit baskets to our employees as healthy living is an important topic. We save lots of bottles for the environment and you save effort and money as we take care of your water. Rather like coffee or tea? No problem. 

Cafeteria and meal subsidy

Our cafeteria is operated by a charitable organization. This gives great opportunity to handicapped people and support the corporate social responsibility.

Employee discounts

With our corporate benefits program you can get a lot of discounts for e.g. shopping and travelling. We also cooperate with local stores to save money.

Free parking

At all our production sites free car parking facilities are available 

About Itzehoe

The origins of the town go back to the 12th century, but nowadays it becomes a hotspot at least once per year when thousands of heavy metal fans are traveling through on their way to the close-by Wacken, home to "Wacken Open Air" - the world's biggest open air heavy metal festival.

Itzehoe is situated in the south-west of Schleswig Holstein, about 60km north-west of Hamburg. The county seat of Steinburg counts close to 32,000.

Itzehoe is located between North- and Baltic Sea and surrounded by nice forests and agricultural land. You can spend some time close to the river “Stoer”, which is a favorite place of the region for nature lovers and for sports.

Downtown there are many nice restaurants, cozy bars and shopping opportunities. As part of the “week of Itzehoe” there is for example the wine festival around the city center and the Malzmuellerwiesen every year, where you can find many booths for drinks and food.

In the 12th century Itzehoe was mentioned for the first time, in 1657 the city was almost destroyed completely in the war of the Danish and Swedish. The cloister of the church Laurentii is the only survived construction of the Middle Ages in the city. Besides the church the historical courthouse, the monastery of the Cistercian convent and the “Prinzesshof” – a former mansion – are significant buildings in Itzehoe.

In the first half of the 20th century the economy was characterized by its cement plant and its harbor. Today the Fraunhofer institute for silicon technology (ISIT) and the association for technological support in Itzehoe (IZET) have an important economic impact on the whole area.

Jobs at X-FAB Itzehoe

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    • Itzehoe / Germany
    • Graduates (without work experience)
  • EHS Engineer (m/w/d)

    Equipment / Maintenance
    • Itzehoe / Germany
    • Professionals (with work experience) + Graduates (without work experience)
    • Itzehoe / Germany
    • Professionals (with work experience) + Managers
  • Equipment Engineer (m/f/d)

    Equipment / Maintenance
    • Itzehoe / Germany
    • Professionals (with work experience) + Graduates (without work experience)
    • Itzehoe / Germany
    • Thesis + Working Students


  • Itzehoe, Germany
    Quereinsteiger (m/f/d) für die Fertigung
  • Itzehoe, Germany
    Working Student (m/f/d) Digital Transformation