Corbeil-Essonnes, France

Corbeil-Essonnes is located about 35 km south of Paris and right at the border between the countryside and the beginning of the Paris urban area. 

X-FAB France at a glance

In 2016, X-FAB France became part of the X-FAB group. It is the youngest member of the X-FAB family but offers some of the most advanced technologies in the 180-nanometer node as well as special RF-SOI technologies.

In 2016, the X-FAB group acquired the assets of Altis Semiconductor, making the fab in France their sixth manufacturing site. The site of Corbeil-Essonnes in France has been existing ever since 1941 as an IBM plant and went through a series of fundamental conversions along the years: from mechanics to electromechanics, and later on from electronic tubes to Silicon ICs.

Starting 1964, the site entered the world of semiconductors, in other words transistors integrated in silicon, with the prodigious evolution that we all know: at the beginning, a transistor on a chip and today several million transistors on a chip. 

The focus is on the production of 8-inch wafers in the CMOS area technologies. Currently, the following functions are located at the site: finance & controlling, human resources (HR), information technology (IT), operations (including engineering & production), procurement, quality, sales & marketing, supply chain, technology.

960 Employees
35000 8"-Wafer-Starts per month
9 Jobs in Corbeil, France

Local Benefits & Perks

Interested in what benefits and perks are offered as part of the X-FABulous package? We are confident that we have something in store that makes the difference for you. Find out and explore the local benefits we offer our employees at X-FAB France. 


Health and prevention programs

X-FAB France offers a comprehensive medical insurance which covers all conventional care. Beyond this, employees benefit from support for alternative medicines. An onsite medical service including company doctor, nurses and a social worker offers day to day support to all employees. 

Pension provisions

To allow you to invest in your future financial security, we offer different programs for pension provisions or optional company pension schemes that you can choose to participate in. 

Work-life balance

It is very important to us that you can manage both, your work and your private life. Therefore, we offer flexible working hours, home office, early retirement schemes, appreciations or days off for special events.

Career development and training

We support your career in a many-faceted way, through structured development plans, support in achieving additional qualifications, mentoring & coaching programs as well as a broad range of trainings and e-learning opportunities. 

Bonus schemes

At X-FAB, we remunerate good performance with flexible bonus schemes and on-the-spot rewards. We acknowledge inventions and innovative ideas with special rewards.

International secondment program

You would love to work in a different country or even on a different continent? Our international exchange program might be just the right thing for you. Whether it is for an internship or even a relocation, it is all possible within the X-FAB family.

Cafeteria and meal subsidy

At X-FAB France, we have a company restaurant which offers subsidized meals at affordable prices. Our restaurant is open from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm and from 8 pm to 9:45 pm. You will also find dining areas within the site.

Free parking

At all our production sites free car parking facilities are available.

Various club options

Various associations are proposed at X-FAB France:
Running club, Golf club, Music club, Fishing club. 

Other local benefits (extract): 

Vouchers for specific events (holiday, Christmas, birth), discounts for holiday partners, library, on-site exhibitions, preferential rates for cinema, bowling, museums, vehicle rental, etc.

Professional gender equality index

Our "Professional gender equality index" is 94

 Calculable indicator (1=Yes, 0=No)Indicator valuePoints obtainedMaximum number of indicator pointsMaximum number of points for calculable indicators
1- pay gap (in %)10.6394040
2- differences in individual salary increases (in % points)13.2202020
3- promotion differences (in % points)12.2151515
4- Percentage of employees returning from maternity leave who received an individual salary increase (%)1100151515
5- number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest salaries1251010
Total of calculable indicators  94 100
INDEX (out of 100 points)  94 100


About Corbeil-Essonnes

Welcome to the Ile de France: Whether you choose to live in Corbeil-Essonnes, Fontainebleau or Paris you will find an ideal place to settle down, either close to the nature or as a city lover.

The X-FAB France site is situated 35km (21 miles) south of Paris. It is equally situated on 2 towns, Corbeil-Essonnes and Le Coudray-Montceaux which also divides the countryside and the start of the Parisian urban area. There is a vast transportation network in place and in the very near future a new project to improve and en-globe the growing Parisian outskirts for those who prefer the town life and decide to reside in or around Paris. South of the site, there is a large choice and possibility of finding a residence in the calm countryside and for those who wish to venture further afield, Fontainebleau is 25 km further south. It is a beautiful town with 15,000 habitants, very well known for its forests and climbing activities, and brings together culture, nature, tranquility and liveliness.

Living in this region, you are within 45 minutes from the center of Paris either by car or public transport and you can easily take advantage of everything Paris has to offer particularly from a cultural aspect.

Jobs at X-FAB France

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